All big victories are just a set of small victories joined together.

Follow Danny Diatribe as he gets up and goes to work on the shit he needs to get done did all last week. Its so enlightening. Actually. By the end you’ll like “holy shit I’m enlightened now” and continue to live in a perpetual state of unfettered conscious awareness for the rest of your lyf.

On top of all the cold hard facts and ancient wisdom dating back to at least 2006 AD, Danny gets an unpronounceable time-lapse for the intro to the Dia Log vlog and performs harrowing feats of technical ability such as making his bed and cooking his own food. Unaffected by the mental and physical exhaustion frying eggs, fluffing pillows and pressing buttons on a camera whilst simultaneously standing in the street for 10mins recording ppl walking past would have on the human anatomy, Danny musters up the almost inhuman capability to keep going as he ventures out to Rich Reasons Hit n Run for Sparks birthday to listen to super dope raps, get drunk on Guniness and rum and listen to DJ Cutterz mix the dopest hip hop for a heaving crowd of fellow human beings using their powerful sentient imaginations to transform their hands into loaded revolvers and lick off rounds for the Angles tour that’s coming to a venue near you soon.

P.S. Rob Kelly is a G and has new track called Supercat Dubplate out now. Its produced by Tony Mahoney and you should listen to that instead of that other shit you where listening to before. Subscribe subscribe subscribe, subscribe subscribe and something else about how you should subscribe. Plz

Will Sniff - Broke Zipper (Blah Records) HipHop

One half of Trellion and Sniff from Bad Taste records, on Blah this time.

Watch the new official music video "Broke Zipper" by Will Sniff. Produced by Morriarchi. Video by Huw caddy Colourist - Myles Bevan @ (http://www.time-based-arts.com) Thanks - Nick Richards, Myles McAuliffe, Gustav Newby

Follow Will Sniff: Facebook: http://hyperurl.co/c9fjy3 Instagram: http://hyperurl.co/xy8vmw Twitter: http://hyperurl.co/3xceeo Spotify: http://hyperurl.co/ta3xfe

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YNR, Diplomats of Sound, Andidote MC’s, Cuttin’ Heads Collective / Shaool present Jehst in Ireland with some of the dopest MC’s to touch the mic in the Emerald Isle.

UK hip hop pioneer Jehst has two gigs in Ireland this weekend. One in Belfast and one in Dublin. In

Belfast he plays the Voodoo Lounge for Antidote MC’s and will be supported by Grim Pickinz, Jay Suttin Sketch Nine and DJ Koncept. Tickets are £8. £12 Door tax.
TICKETS https://www.btribal.eu/elixir/tickets/?p=18

After that he will head down to Dublin to link with the Cuttin’ Heads & Shaool from this side up to play The Grand Central again supported by the Grim Pickinz crew.
TICKETS https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/jehst-tickets-36603933350?aff=erelexpmlt

If you are free on friday or Saturday get to either of these gigs North or South.

Its guaranteed to go off.

Lice 3 is flames. Trust me.

Been bumping this all week. If wit and wordplay are your thing then Homeboy Sandman and Aesop Rock have got you with their 3rd instalment of their Lice project. Even better still, if this is your first encounter with Lice, you have the other two projects to check out that are equally as ill. 

Back again! Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman have returned to surprise us with another installment of LICE! Pre-Order the vinyl NOW!
Fifth Element: http://bit.ly/Lice3FE
Stones Throw: http://bit.ly/Lice3ST

Lice is back with a brand new invention: Triple Fat Lice. Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman once again join forces for this 100% FREE digital EP brought to you by Rhymesayers Entertainment and Stones Throw Records. Artwork by Jeremy Fish.

In addition - the limited VINYL version of Triple Fat Lice is available to pre-order NOW from Fifth Element and Stones Throw. Please do so if that is of interest to you. 

Should you feel inspired to cough up some dough after receiving the gift of digital song free of charge, here are some places we've mentioned in the past that could use your help-